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Call for Papers: Second Aarhus Workshop on Strategic Interaction in Corporate Finance

Call for Papers: Second Aarhus Workshop on Strategic Interaction in Corporate Finance

August 19-20, 2024 in Aarhus, Denmark

The objective of this workshop is to present state-of-the-art academic research on topics related to strategic interaction in corporate finance. There will be one track of presentations over the course of two days, with a small number of papers on the program to allow for ample time for discussions and to create a stimulating environment. Each paper will have a discussant. The workshop will start with a welcome reception on the evening of Sunday August 18, 2024.

Itay Goldstein, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Mike Burkart, London School of Economics

TOPICS: We welcome submissions from all areas of corporate finance, in particular related to the strategic interaction between different agents (such as managers, investors, financial institutions, rating agencies), and their objectives. Papers in an early stage will also be considered. We ask you not to submit a paper that has been accepted for publication in a journal or is close to being accepted. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome.

Sample topic areas include, but are not limited to:

      • Interaction between firms’ investment and financing decisions
      • Real implications of financial contracts
      • Conflicts of interest between the firm’s stakeholders
      • Real options signaling games
      • Bargaining along the supply chain
      • Interdependence between disclosure and corporate finance
      • Feedback between the firm and financial markets
      • Feedback effects of ratings
      • Corporate governance and shareholder voting
      • Strategic decisions in corporate takeovers


Stefan Hirth (chair), Aarhus University
Matthias Lassak (co-chair), Aarhus University

Adelina Barbalau, University of Alberta
Ajay Subramanian, Georgia State University
Alexander Schandlbauer, University of Southern Denmark
Alexander Szimayer, Hamburg University
Andrey Malenko, Boston College
Anil Kumar, Aarhus University
Boris Nikolov, University of Lausanne
Cecilia Bustamante, University of Maryland
Chong Huang, University of California, Irvine
Christian Hilpert, Sun Yat-sen University
Christoph Schneider, University of Münster
Christopher Hennessy, London Business School
David Lando, Copenhagen Business School
Dion Bongaerts, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Emilio Bisetti, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Enrique Schroth, EDHEC Business School
Evgeny Lyandres, Tel Aviv University
Florian Kiesel, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Francesca Zucchi, ECB
Francesco Sangiorgi, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Francesco Sannino, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Grzegorz Pawlina, Lancaster University Management School
Günter Strobl, University of Vienna
Jan Schneemeier, Indiana University
Jing Zeng, University of Bonn
Joel Shapiro, Saïd Business School
Kornelia Fabisik, University of Bern
Larissa Schäfer, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Magdalena Rola-Janicka, Imperial College
Marliese Uhrig-Homburg, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Martin Ruckes, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Matthias Efing, HEC Paris
Matthieu Bouvard, Toulouse School of Economics
Nadya Malenko, Boston College
Naveen Gondhi, INSEAD
Paul Voss, HEC Paris
Simon Gervais, Duke University
Thomas Geelen, Copenhagen Business School
Tom Aabo, Aarhus University
Vladimir Vladimirov, University of Amsterdam
Yunzhi Hu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Yuri Tserlukevich, Arizona State University
Zacharias Sautner, University of Zurich
Zhen Zhou, Tsinghua University

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Interested authors should submit their papers (with author information or anonymized) via the submission link on the workshop web page https://events.au.dk/corpfin24/ by February 20, 2024. There is no submission fee. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by end of April 2024.

EXPENSES AND PRACTICAL ARRANGEMENTS: We expect regular participants to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses, as well as a modest participation fee for the catering. We are in the process of securing additional funding, which may allow us to cover further expenses.
The workshop web page https://events.au.dk/corpfin24/ will continuously be updated with current information. Please contact the organizers corpfin@econ.au.dk for questions regarding paper submission and workshop attendance.