• Call for Abstracts/Papers: German Business Economics, Journal of Business Economics (Special Issue) 13. April 2023 Geschrieben von Prof. Dr. Axel F.A. Adam-Müller


    Wolfgang Breuer, Aachen
    Jannis Bischof, Mannheim
    Günter Fandel, Hagen
    Christian Hofmann, Munich
    Peter Witt, Wuppertal

    Aim and Scope of this Special Issue:

    In recent decades, research in business economics in Germany has increasingly become internationalized. However, unlike in natural sciences, knowledge in business economics is typically bound to a specific place and time. Against this backdrop, we call for contributions that take up a specifically German perspective in one of the following ways:

    1. The contributions may address an aspect that is characterized by a particular tradition of research in Germany. In other countries, particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries, these questions were not in the same focus or were not examined from the same perspective. Examples could be given from the fields of business valuation and production theory, but it is important to question why there are „German peculiarities“ in these areas.
    2. The contributions may come from areas where the institutional environment plays a special role, as is the case, for example, in business taxation or accounting. This naturally raises the question of a national and thus a German perspective on certain problems. Potential questions could speak to the determinants or the interpretation of the institutional framework and also address its economic consequences. Such research should still offer conclusions that are generalizable beyond the German context.
    3. In general, the question arises as to the extent to which empirical results for other countries can be transferred to Germany, since cultural peculiarities may also play a role in addition to the institutional framework. However, such research must be firmly based on a comprehensive theoretical foundation.
    4. Even in sub-areas where normative questions are paramount, especially in business ethics, the German perspective on certain issues may be special. However, if there are already differences in goal definition, there will be differences in problem solving as well.
    5. Each country has its own specific problems or overall economic/societal framework conditions that require special solutions, for example, based on the given production factor endowment (few raw materials, well-educated workforce, aging population, high immigration), which could lead to specific German questions and solutions.

    The call is open to researchers from all sub-disciplines of business economics. Theoretical and empirical papers with a clear quantitative focus are particularly welcome. Empirical papers should be based on theoretically derived hypotheses and state-of-the-art hypotheses testing. Papers must be written in English and must not contain any reference to the identity of the authors.

    Please submit an (extended) abstract of about 1,000 words to by 06/30/2023. The authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper by 11/30/2023. They must not have been published previously. Submitted papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed and – upon acceptance – published in a special issue of the Journal of Business Economics at the beginning of 2025. Author guidelines are available at:

  • Call for Papers: Replication Studies in Finance and Accounting, Journal of Business Economics (Special Issue) 13. März 2023 Geschrieben von Prof. Dr. Axel F.A. Adam-Müller


    Wolfgang Breuer, Department of Finance, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany

    Christian Hofmann, LMU Munich School of Management, Munich, Germany

    Aim of this Special Issue:

    Business economics as an applied science is strongly rooted in empirical research. Unlike in natural sciences, where laws of nature are assumed to be generally valid over time and space, this is not necessarily the case for real-life economic relationships. First, empirical economic findings in one region of the world cannot generally be assumed to hold true for institutional or cultural backgrounds in other societies. A prominent example is the difference in market reactions and outcomes between capital market-oriented Anglo-Saxon countries and bank-based financial systems like those in Germany or Japan. Second, empirical results may lose significance over time due to technological advancements or changes in human behavior (possibly even in response to these former studies!), which may render frameworks and insights obsolete that were valid in the past. For instance, behavioral anomalies that were previously exploitable may disappear once they are revealed in scientific publications. Third, from today’s perspective, it may be that previous studies exhibit fundamental and so far undetected weaknesses in methodology or data quality, which need to be disclosed. Especially the current surge in big data approaches has considerably expanded opportunities for empirical testing.
    Against this backdrop, replication studies in business economics in general, and in finance and accounting in particular, gain special relevance. Of course, it is important that these empirical works are well-grounded in theory, so that the conception of the respective replication study already shows why an empirical test of earlier works could be of interest. We call on researchers to make such contributions to the field of finance and accounting.

    Papers must be written in English and must not contain any reference to the identity of the authors.

    Please submit an (extended) abstract of about 1,000 words to by 05/31/2023. The authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper by 11/30/2023. They must not have been published previously. Submitted papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed and – upon acceptance – published in a special issue of the Journal of Business Economics at the beginning of 2025. Author guidelines are available at:

  • Call for Papers: Emerging Trends in Data Science and Business Analytics Models and Applications, Decision Analytics Journal (Special Issue) 22. Februar 2023 Geschrieben von Prof. Dr. Axel F.A. Adam-Müller

    The accelerating volume of data in organizations has made data science and business analytics one of the fastest-growing fields across every industry. Data science and business analytics apply mathematical, statistical, operational research, and information systems modeling to solve real-life problems from productivity to sustainability in business, engineering, and sciences. Specialized programming, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, game theory, simulation, and optimization are widely used in data science and business analytics to uncover actionable insights hidden in organizational data. These insights can be used to find patterns in data, identify causes and effects, evaluate future scenarios, find optimal solutions, and make informed decisions in business and politics.

    Guest editors:
    Prof. Dr. Mark Broere, Leibniz-FH, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    Prof. Dr. Robin Christmann, Leibniz-FH, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Dellnitz, Leibniz-FH, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    Prof. Dr. Mohsen Afsharian, Leibniz-FH, University of Applied Sciences, Germany

    Special issue information:
    This special issue aims to bring together high-quality original research related to the theory and application of data science and business analytics in areas that include but are not limited to:

    • Accounting Analytics and Auditing
    • Corporate Governance and Management
    • Cyber Security and IT Management
    • Digital Markets and Platforms
    • Economic Policy
    • Investment and Financial Management
    • Law and Economics
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Organization Design
    • Production and Logistics
    • Sustainable Business Management
    • Visual Decision Support

    Manuscript submission information:

    Important Dates:
    Submission Open Date: 15/02/2023
    Manuscript Submission Deadline: 30/06/2023
    Editorial notification: October 2023

    You are invited to submit your manuscript at any time before the submission deadline. For any inquiries about the appropriateness of contribution topics, please contact the executive guest editors: Dr. Mohsen Afsharian,

    The journal’s submission platform (Editorial Manager®) is now available for receiving submissions to this Special Issue. Please refer to the Guide for Authors to prepare your manuscript and select the article type of “VSI:Analytics Trends” when submitting your manuscript online. Both the Guide for Authors and the submission portal could be found on the Journal Homepage here: Decision Analytics Journal – Elsevier


    Data science; Business analytics, Sustainable management; Rules & corporate decisions; Operational research, Artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Game theory; Simulation; Optimization

    Why publish in this Special Issue?

      • Special Issue articles are published together on ScienceDirect, making it incredibly easy for other researchers to discover your work.
      • Special content articles are downloaded on ScienceDirect twice as often within the first 24 months than articles published in regular issues.
      • Special content articles attract 20% more citations in the first 24 months than articles published in regular issues.
      • All articles in this special issue will be reviewed by no fewer than two independent experts to ensure the quality, originality and novelty of the work published.

    Learn more about the benefits of publishing in a special issue:

    Interested in becoming a guest editor? Discover the benefits of guest editing a special issue and the valuable contribution that you can make to your field:

  • Call for Papers: European Sustainable Finance PhD Workshop 16. Februar 2023 Geschrieben von Annika Flick

    European Sustainable Finance PhD Workshop
    June 13-15, 2023 in Utrecht

    Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) is organizing a PhD workshop together with colleagues from EDHEC, ESCP, KU Leuven, Warwick Business School, and University of Augsburg on the topic of Sustainable Finance. We invite PhD students to apply to present and discuss their current research to professors and other PhD students with a focus on Sustainable Finance. The workshop will take place in-person from June 13 to June 15, 2023 in Utrecht.

    The submission is open to a wide-range of theoretical and empirical work on Sustainable Finance including, but not limited to Corporate Finance and Governance, Asset Pricing, Climate Finance, and ESG Investing. The presentation of single authored papers is particularly encouraged.

    Please submit your journal-article length paper (PDF) and CV to by March 15, 2023. Applicants must be enrolled as PhD students at the time of the workshop. The program committee’s decision will be announced in April 2023. Selected students will receive a travel grant (250EUR) and free accommodation over the duration of the workshop.

    We are happy to announce that the program committee will give a best paper award (only single authored works) and best discussion award. In addition, Stefano Battiston (U Zurich) will be our keynote guest. The workshop is in close collaboration with the Sustainable Finance Lab.

    Program Committee:
    Alberta Di Giuli (ESCP), Olivier David Zerbib (EDHEC), Irene Monasterolo (EDHEC), Jeroen Derwall (U Utrecht), Naciye Sekerci (KU Leuven), Nickolay Gantchev (Warwick), Rients Galema (U Utrecht), Sebastian Utz (U Augsburg), Thomas Walther (U Utrecht)

    [ Webpage ]


  • Call for Papers: Workshop on Banking and Society at EM Strasbourg Business School 12. Februar 2023 Geschrieben von Prof. Dr. Axel F.A. Adam-Müller

    Workshop on Banking and Society
    October 9-10, 2023
    EM Strasbourg Business School, University of Strasbourg, France

    The workshop is organized by LaRGE Research Center (University of Strasbourg), Bank of Finland Institute for Emerging Economies (BOFIT), and Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University (New York).

    KEYNOTE SPEAKER: MARIASSUNTA GIANNETTI (Stockholm School of Economics)

    TOPICS: The workshop organizers invite researchers to submit empirical papers covering all areas of banking and their interaction with broader aspects of society – including politics, institutions etc. Possible topics include but are not limited to the following:

        •  banking and institutions
        • behavioral economics and banking
        • sociological underpinnings of financial systems
        • effects of the financial system on the society
        • fintech and the society
        • political economy of banking
        • financial literacy and inclusion

    PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Those interested in presenting a paper should submit a copy of their research in Word or pdf format via online submission form. Only complete papers will be considered. There is no conference fee. The deadline for submission is April 15th, 2023. The authors of accepted papers will be notified by May 10th, 2023.

    PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Zuzana Fungáčová (BOFIT), Iftekhar Hasan (Fordham University), Iikka Korhonen (BOFIT), Paul Wachtel (New York University), Laurent Weill (LaRGE Research Center, University of Strasbourg).

  • Call for Papers: 29th Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association (DGF) 1. Februar 2023 Geschrieben von Prof. Dr. Axel F.A. Adam-Müller

    29th Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association (DGF)
    University of Hohenheim | September 28th – September 30th, 2023

    We cordially invite researchers and practitioners to participate in the 29th Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association (DGF) held at the University of Hohenheim on September 29th and 30th, 2023. A doctoral workshop is scheduled for September 28th, 2023.

    The conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the latest theoretical and empirical research from all areas of finance, banking, and insurance. We proudly announce that Holger M. Müller, Nomura Professor of Finance at Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York, will deliver the keynote speech.


    Call for Papers:

    We invite you to submit your recent research papers. Please note the following submission guidelines:

              • Submissions are only accepted through the online submission system
              • Submission period: February 1st – April 30th, 2023
              • Submissions are subject to a double-blind review process. All manuscripts have to be submitted without reference to author(s) or affiliation(s).
              • Only full papers in English are considered for review. Papers should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 120 words.

    Please visit for further information.


    Special Session – Digital and Smart Finance:

    The scientific and organizing committees of Boerse Stuttgart welcome submissions on digital finance and smart finance as well as their implications for the innovation strategy on the financial sector, including banks, fintech companies and other corporations. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

              • Fintech and new business models
              • Embedded finance
              • Digital payment systems
              • Digital finance and environmental sustainability

    The best paper in the special session on digital and smart finance will be awarded a prize.


    Special session – Housing Finance:

    The scientific and organizing committees welcome submissions in all areas of real estate finance for presentation, including but not limited to,

              • Financial contracts for financing real estate
              • Financial Institutions & Financial Markets
              • Mortgage Financing
              • Financial Regulation
              • Valuation of real estate

    The best paper in the special session on housing finance will be awarded a prize.


    Early bird registration for the conference participation is available from May 1st until July 31st, 2023. Late registration starts on September 4th and is available until September 22nd, 2023.

    We look forward to welcoming you in Hohenheim!

    Kind regards,
    Hans-Peter Burghof, Thomas Dimpfl, Robert Jung and the DGF 2023 Organizing Committee

  • Call for Papers: Aarhus Workshop on Strategic Interaction in Corporate Finance 14. Dezember 2022 Geschrieben von Prof. Dr. Axel F.A. Adam-Müller

    Call for Papers
    Aarhus Workshop on Strategic Interaction in Corporate Finance
    August 14-15, 2023 in Aarhus, Denmark

    The objective of this workshop is to present state-of-the-art academic research on topics related to strategic interaction in corporate finance. There will be one track of presentations over the course of two days, with a small number of papers on the program to allow for ample time for discussions and to create a stimulating environment. Each paper will have a discussant. The workshop will start with a welcome reception on the evening of Sunday August 13, 2023.

    Aarhus is conveniently located with direct flights to Amsterdam from Aarhus airport (AAR) as well as close-by Billund (BLL) and Aalborg (AAL) airports, for those who plan to attend the European Finance Association 2023 Annual Meeting in Amsterdam right after the Aarhus Workshop.

    Christopher Hennessy, London Business School
    David Lando, Copenhagen Business School
    Andrey Malenko, University of Michigan

    TOPICS: We welcome submissions from all areas of corporate finance, in particular related to the strategic interaction between different agents (such as managers, investors, financial institutions, rating agencies), and their objectives. Papers in an early stage will also be considered. We ask you not to submit a paper that has been accepted for publication in a journal or is close to being accepted. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome.

    Sample topic areas include, but are not limited to:

        • Interaction between firms’ investment and financing decisions
        • Real implications of financial contracts
        • Conflicts of interest between the firm’s stakeholders
        • Real options signaling games
        • Bargaining along the supply chain
        • Interdependence between disclosure and corporate finance
        • Feedback between the firm and financial markets
        • Feedback effects of ratings
        • Corporate governance and shareholder voting
        • Strategic decisions in corporate takeovers

    Stefan Hirth (co-chair), Aarhus University
    Matthias Lassak (co-chair), Aarhus University
    Tom Aabo, Aarhus University
    Christian Riis Flor, University of Southern Denmark
    Thomas Geelen, Copenhagen Business School
    Naveen Gondhi, INSEAD
    Dirk Hackbarth, Boston University
    Christopher Hennessy, London Business School
    Christian Hilpert, Sun Yat-sen University
    Einar C. Kjenstad, Aarhus University
    Anil Kumar, Aarhus University
    Augustin Landier, HEC Paris
    David Lando, Copenhagen Business School
    Evgeny Lyandres, Tel Aviv University
    Andrey Malenko, University of Michigan
    Nadya Malenko, University of Michigan
    Boris Nikolov, University of Lausanne
    Martin Ruckes, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    Francesco Sangiorgi, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
    Zacharias Sautner, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
    Oliver Spalt, University of Mannheim
    Günter Strobl, University of Vienna
    Alexander Szimayer, Hamburg University
    Yuri Tserlukevich, Arizona State University
    Marliese Uhrig-Homburg, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    Vladimir Vladimirov, University of Amsterdam
    Jing Zeng, University of Bonn

    PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Interested authors should submit their papers (with author information or anonymized) as a pdf-file by February 15, 2023, to Authors of accepted papers will be notified by end of April 2023.

    EXPENSES AND PRACTICAL ARRANGEMENTS: The workshop is partially funded by a grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark, which allows us to invite several keynote speakers and fund some of the other workshop expenses. We expect regular participants to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.
    The workshop web page will continuously be updated with current information. Please contact the organizers for questions regarding paper submission and workshop attendance.

  • Call for Papers: 8th Rostock Conference on Service Research 14. Dezember 2022 Geschrieben von Prof. Dr. Axel F.A. Adam-Müller

    Call for Papers
    th Rostock Conference on Service Research
    September 7
    th and 8th, 2023

    Research in individual services and service industries is of central importance in national as well as international contexts. However, there is still a need for further research, as concepts and theories developed for the analysis of (manufacturing) industrial activities do not apply to the service sector, which is characterized by immaterial commodities.

    Therefore, the research focus of the Institute of Business Administration of the University of Rostock is dedicated to ‘Service Management and Service Markets’. To further the scientific exchange on these topics, the institute hosts a conference in Rostock, covering recent developments in service research. The conference serves business economists, economists, business psychologists, sociologists or other service-oriented researchers.

    We would like to invite all interested parties to participate in the eighth Rostock Conference on Service Research, presenting their research results. Formats will include oral (30 min. plus 15 min. for referent discussant and discussion) as well as poster presentations. Contributions from all areas of business administration and all disciplines researching in the field of services are welcome. The contributions could cover, but are not limited, to topics regarding the functional aspects of services (e.g. work system design, customer‐employee interactions, the design of innovative services, services controlling) or research taking an institutional perspective on specific services such as financial services providers, tourism enterprises, tax advisors, auditors, or logistics companies. In line with the last conferences on service research in Rostock, the research committee will award the best poster. The opening keynote speech will be given by Prof. Dr. Martin Benkenstein (Institute for Marketing and Service Research, University of Rostock).

    Within the framework of the conference, the annual meeting of the scientific commission service management within the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB) will be held as a separate track. The conference language is German as well as English.

    Please submit your contribution as an extended abstract (1.000 words max.), either in English or German before March 31st 2023 via The extended abstract should cover the research questions, the research method as well as the essential results. You will be notified whether your submission is accepted or rejected during May 2023. Further information about the conference as well as a format template for the extended abstract is available on the internet at

    Organizing Committee

    Prof. Dr. Martin Benkenstein, Prof. Dr. Christian Brock, Prof. Dr. Andreas Diettrich, Prof. Dr. Stefan Göbel, Prof. Dr. Susanne Homölle, Prof. Dr. Peter Lorson, Prof. Dr. Bernd Marcus

    University of Rostock
    Institute of Business Administration
    Ulmenstraße 69, 18057 Rostock, Germany


  • Call for Papers: SGF Conference 2023 13. September 2022 Geschrieben von Prof. Dr. Axel F.A. Adam-Müller

    2023 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Financial Market Research
    March 31, 2023, SIX ConventionPoint, Zurich

    Call for Papers
    Submission Deadline: October 31, 2022, 24:00 CET

    The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Financial Market Research (SGF Conference 2023) will be held in Zurich on March 31, 2023. Should mobility restrictions prevent an on-site meeting, we will alternatively hold the conference as a webinar on the same date. Prospective contributors are invited to submit papers on all topic areas of finance by October 31, 2022. The submission fee is CHF 50. The conference will also feature a dedicated Poster Session for PhD students. Online paper submission will be possible as of September 1, 2022 at:

    Track Chairs

    Asset Pricing: Holger Kraft (Goethe University Frankfurt), Tim Kroencke (University of Neuchatel), Fabio Trojani (University of Geneva and SFI), Andrea Vedolin (Boston University)

    Corporate Finance & Governance: Steven Ongena (University of Zurich and SFI), Stefan Ruenzi (University of Mannheim), Sascha Steffen (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

    Financial Intermediation and Institutions: Douglas Cumming (Florida Atlantic University), Albert Menkveld (VU Amsterdam)

    For further information about conference registration see:
    For further questions please contact:


    Roland Füss, Vesa Pursiainen, Markus Schmid (University of St.Gallen, Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance)
    Martin Brown (Study Center Gerzensee)

  • Market Microstructure Database Xetra 9. Juli 2018 Geschrieben von Prof. Dr. Axel F.A. Adam-Müller

    Der Lehrstuhl für Finanzierung der Universität Mannheim hat gemeinsam mit dem Center for Financial Studies in Kooperation mit der Deutschen Börse AG und gefördert durch die DFG eine Microstructure-Datenbank erstellt, die tägliche Daten aus Xetra für alle im CDAX enthaltenen Aktien und den Zeitraum 1999 bis 2013 enthält. Zu den enthaltenen Variablen gehören etwa quotierte und effektive Geld-Brief-Spannen und viele andere. Diese Datenbank ist für Forscher und ausschliesslich für Forschungszwecke kostenlos verfügbar, wobei aber ein formelles Prozedere einzuhalten ist. Das zum Download bereitgestellte pdf-Dokument enthält nähere Informationen.

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