In the summer of 1986, Wolfgang Bühler, Herbert Hax and Reinhard Schmidt launched an initiative to apply, together with a larger group of colleagues, for funding at the German Research Foundation for a priority programme “Empirical Capital Market Research”. 35 colleagues supported this initiative. In 1998, the German Research Foundation granted funding for setting up three projects collecting stock market, bond market and financial accounting data. In 1989, another 18 research projects were funded under the umbrella of the priority programme that combined financial research in Germany in an unprecedented way.

Multi-day workshops, starting in 1990 in Nordkirchen, followed by similar events in Günzburg, Kronberg and Osnabrück, offered a platform for presentations and discussion among project staff, project leaders and evaluators from the German Research Foundation that were so lively and stimulating that they created the desire to create a more permanent institution for intellectual exchange of new finance research. As it was apparent that most project staff would soon begin working outside academia, this institution should be open to all interested in financial research, independent of whether they work in academia or in the financial industry.

Against this background, Hermann Göppl suggested the idea of a German Finance Association that was met with widespread approval during the 7th workshop in Osnabrück, held on 9 October 1993. Thanks to his preparations, the German Finance Association was founded in the headquarters of Bayerische Hypotheken- and Wechselbank in Munich on 26th November 1993. The founding members were Wolfgang Bühler, Günter Franke, Günter Gebhardt, Wolfgang Gerke, Hermann Göppl, Thomas Hartmann-Wendels, Walter Krämer, Hans Peter Möller, Sigrid Müller, Hartmut Schmidt, Reinhard Schmidt, Siegfried Trautmann, Martin Weber, Josef F. Wertschulte and Jochen Wilhelm.

DGF History

Years and locations of the meetings, chairperson and number of members of the DGF

1994 Frankfurt Hermann Göppl 113
1995 Nürnberg Hermann Göppl 157
1996 Berlin Wolfgang Gerke 245
1997 Mannheim Sigrid Müller 285
1998 Hamburg Wolfgang Bühler 361
1999 Aachen Hartmut Schmidt 407
2000 Konstanz Peter Möller 433
2001 Vienna Günter Franke 421
2002 Cologne Josef Zechner 470
2003 Mainz Thomas Hartmann-Wendels 479
2004 Tübingen Siegfried Trautmann 539
2005 Augsburg Werner Neus 543
2006 Oestrich-Winkel Manfred Steiner 564
2007 Dresden Dirk Schiereck 576
2008 Münster Hermann Locarek-Junge 628
2009 Frankfurt Andreas Pfingsten 613
2010 Hamburg Christian Schlag 606
2011 Regensburg Markus Nöth 579
2012 Hanover Klaus Röder 568
2013 Wuppertal Daniel Rösch 570
2014 Karlsruhe André Betzer 556
2015 Leipzig Marliese Uhrig-Homburg 560
2016 Bonn Frank Schuhmacher 550
2017 Ulm Hendrik Hakenes 541
2018 Trier Gunter Löffler 535
2019 Essen Axel Adam-Müller 530
2020 (annual meeting cancelled) Rüdiger Kiesel 511
2021 Innsbruck Rüdiger Kiesel 491
2022 Marburg Jochen Lawrenz 485
2023 Hohenheim Oscar Stolper 472
2024 Aachen Hans-Peter Burghof

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